Episode #1, 15 May 2022

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In this first episode of Get Better Outcomes, Faisal and Faizan talked about:



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Learn in Rupees, Earn in Dollars(EID)

Quick Trick 4 unlocking instant value vs. building from scratch

How? Use @GetChikoo

1)Look for unoptimized offline biz that need to go n grow online

2)Partner with them,1000s to choose from

3)Bring your online sales/growth game to their offline ops game

5)Be a Scaler vs Builder

It's a simple thesis. Not every one can or should build

But many digitally native entrepreneurs know how to scale

Offline biz don't know the power of online

Invest in their outcomes & take a %age of growth to make money

Use the pre-built stack @GetChikoo

Its a tough economic cycle

Offline biz can barely keep the lights on let alone invest to scale online, something they don't understand

If you are a growth marketer who understands A/B testing, hone in 1 product

Test the traction

No-one will say NO to new sales

Its pay to play

How does it work?

You pay, to play with adding new sales to their brand/product/business/service

They focus on delivery

You focus on growth

Agree upfront on the share of net new sales

Every one wins when you scale & add online customer acquisition

Play to your strengths

You can start in your spare time

With small ad budgets sub 5000PKR

When you figure out your funnel for the product on offer

Invest more

Every one wins

Most importantly small biz, that don't have access to digital/performance marketing

Key is to agree to term at the onset

Every one who has the digital skills can try with small ticket investments

Don't wait

Test your skills locally before you go global

The learnings can be translated any where

Will you bet on your self?

This is an opportunity to build a biz you always wanted to, with low risk

In the end you miss all the shots you don't take.

Bet on your self by helping Pakistani SMEs go online

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