Episode #11, 24 July 2022

In this episode, Faisal and Faizan spoke about things not to do when starting off, and shared 5+ items to be mindful of and how they impact your journey.

Faisal’s key points:

1) Don't Announce your Plans to Everyone

2) Don’t Quit Your Day Job or Burn All Your Boats

3) Don't do things arbitrarily , document every thing

4) Don't Launch without research, research

5) Don't Launching without an MVP

6) Don't start without Passion

Faizan’s key points

1) Not Investing Too Much $ Upfront

2) Don't fail to Set Priorities

3) Don't Mimic others just because

4) Not always being switched on

5) Not charging too little for your skill

6) Don't start without a roll back plan

7) Don't operate if u can’t take criticism

There things you can do, things you should do for certain and things you must not do, we've spent the last 2 sessions sharing our thoughts on how to evaluate the upside and down side of starting off and the things to look out for as you are starting; to avoid common pitfalls.

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