Episode #13, 07 August 2022

In this episode, Faizan and Faisal discussed the businesses we have loved for many years. They shared Tips, tricks, ideas, & practical solutions to improving your $ earning potential in 6 months.

Faisal spoke about:

1) Guarantee your survival every day by putting in the effort every day.

2) Cloning has a market. Improvise.

3) What Qs would your customer ask? Answer it for them.

4) Build your Empire-play Internet Monopoly.

5) A Customer Walks in - Know the sales process.

6) Ghost shopping. Take stock of the competition, spend to earn

7) What have you learnt? Here is a quick test you can do. Write down five things you have learnt in the past 60 days related to your business that you can benefit from

Faizan spoke about Boring businesses that I like or like to build:

1) Chrome Plugins

2) Rebuilding shopify apps with 10k downloads but 2* customer reviews, with better CX

3) Project Management as a Service and Process Maps as a Service

4) Folks talking to the elderly in other countries

5) Co-creating apps with domain experts using no code.

6) Every 1 of u knows excel. Call every on on your phone list who owns a biz, and hunt problems they don't want to solve, to get paid for solving them

7) Discord channel, Discussion on topics others won't discuss with me as a services

Themes they discussed:

1) Get started invest the time to learn

2) Put out your content on the internet

3) Hunt for the obvious boring problems, don't reinvent the wheel

4) Don't solve for fads, build for scale

5) Obsolesce is slowly creeping up on you. Learn some thing new every day

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