Episode #14, 14 August 2022

Faisal and Faizan discussed  how not to let people pick your brain for free. Also how to ask for information/assistance, the etiquettes of engaging experts & thought leaders & making it a win-win

Faisal spoke about:

1) Doing research before you engage any one

2) Understanding time = value and value is not free

3) People owe you or any one nothing

4) Be prepared to ask & be accepting of the No's

5) Be prepared with the right ask so as to not miss the opportunity to engage

6) If you have a defeatist mind set you will loose every time

7) The difference between a winner and a looser is, the looser has already given up before trying

8) Story around a clinical therapist monetizing time by asking the right questions

9) Offer samples till ppl pay full price

Faizan spoke about:

1) Looking for a friend, be a friend first

2)Looking for a mentor, give first

3)Looking for a consultant, be prepared to pay to play

4) Never be afraid to charge for time

5) Have a process so you know how to react when every one wants to pick your brain

6)Brain picking is not a fair trade for a 400 PKR coffee if you have value that is higher than that, it may be a fair trade for the coffee shop but not you

7)Finding better audiences for your work than local ones

8) When you do things for free & ppl aren't invested in using that info, over time you undervalue your expertise. Stop doing that.

9) I wrote about this extensively in the past, here is the thread Time is the most valuable and finite resource we have. "Free for coffee so I can pick your brains?" I’m giving you permission to create a “pick your brain” session people can pay for. You heard that right. Knowledge & experience were not free to obtain, so they aren't free to give.

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