Episode #15, 21 August 2022

Faizan and Faisal spoke about

1) Design thinking to navigate chaos

2) Being humble to know your own short comings

3) Mailing Lists as a key to owning your own outcomes and not being tied to platforms

They had great questions and comments from the audience on

1) Knowing when to pivot

2) Not giving up

3) Using data to make decisions, but not being afraid in the absence of it

Faizan spoke about or what i wanted to speak about were 5 core areas to navigate chaos Great problem solvers are made, not born.

1) Have child like curiosity- ask the why

2) dragonfly-eye view, they have compound eyes so 360 view

3) Tolerate ambiguity—and stay humble!

4) Tap into collective intelligence and the wisdom of the crowd.“it’s a mistake to think that on your team you have the smartest people in the room. They aren’t there. They’re invariably somewhere else.”

5) Show and tell to drive action. Dont rely on thinking every one knows, shows.

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