Episode #17, 04 September 2022

Faizan and Faisal spoke about:

1) Branding yourself vs. branding the product alone

2) Finding goals

3) Perseverance & commitment

4) Knowing when to quit

5) Finding the right mentors

They also heard from the audience on:

1) The Spaces as a form for network support

2) @imumamaiftikhar running a counseling service aspiring to build a coaching program & center

3) @gamingfordev Mariam who is the founder of http://Breshna.io a no code video gaming platform

4) @Mustafakamal_ZD sharing back office stories on a KHI based NFT studio and hitting the 25k$ Run rate in a short period of time

5) A former founder @saadumar93 talking about lessons from a failed startup and why localization goes a long way

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