Episode #19, 18 September 2022

This week, Faizan and Faisal were joined by Sophia Ahmed and they spoke about:

1) Are the hurdles real, do platforms help?

2) Is it always the 1st step of getting started that is the most difficult?

3) What are the hesitations?How does one over come them?

4) Why there needs to be emphasis beyond tools & svcs

5) Other guests spoke about societal issues and concerns, as a limiting factor for women

6) Does the internet in some ways level set those issues?

7)Do women doubt their abilities more than men?

8) When things plateau for women/work wise do they treat them selves harder then men?

9) The gap between working-marriage-return to the work space with a new idea/product/service, does it take more hand holding?

10) If so, how can support networks help?

11) Does sharing failures, both & men and women, lead to better outcomes for those who want to get started?

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