Episode #2, 22 May 2022

In this second episode of Get Better Outcomes, Faisal and Faizan discussed:

  1. Getting Started today (30 min increments)
  2. Redbull- taking other peoples ideas/partnering for scale
  3. Building skills/training resources
  4. Launch 1st(virtually) worry about incorporation last
  5. Using experimentation
  6. Selecting the right co-founders
  7. Passion vs Money as a driver
  8. Knowing the right time to exit(when some 1 writes a check that you are willing to accept)
  9. Moving ahead vs thinking about problems alone

10. Case studies & video testimonials as a biz dev/building/marketing tool

11. Being aware of the emotional toll of societal pressures as a founder

12. Fairness principles in equity

13. Readiness as an employee of startups when layoffs r imminent

14. Too much planning vs dialing in on execution

15. Solving real problems to win

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