Episode #20, 25th September 2022

In the 20th episode of Get Better Outcomes, Faisal and Faizan spoke about

1) Being known for 1-3 things & be rock star vs. a shooting star

2) Finding the right audience to test product acceptance (meaning are you building for 10 vs 100k)

3) Competence attracts luck. Be the person who every one comes to

4) Give the products that others charge for free of cost. For example: Case studies, research etc.

5)Find your tribe, engage, go online invest the time

6) Learn to ask the right questions

7) Identify niches/curated content to build a business as an example

8) Original "products" aren't the only ticket to success

9) Consistent & incremental improvement of skill = better /faster building of outcomes

10) Before you decide your outcomes look at the competitors in that space & learn from their product/service/price and marketing.

11) Have a look at: http://Trends.vc trends.io http://utopia.pk

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