Episode #22, 09 October 2022

This week Faisal and Faizan spoke about:

A great product can't sell with a bad packaging

We led with the example and why context matters:

Try two hooks:

  • Hook #1: 10 STEPS to reach $X thousand a month
  • Hook #2: 10 TIPS to reach  $X thousand a month

Which works better & why?

It's all about framing(context)

  1. Target by knowing

- The audience

- The problem (your audience is struggling with)

- The situation (in which your audience is now)

Faisal  spoke about the Bentley ad from the 90s

Parking vs Positioning


  1. Do epic stuff offline first

All these are shareable experiences and beliefs your audience will love to know about

2. Implement, Then Share

True stories create true emotions and matter the most

3. Tweet Ideas, Not Rules

No one wants to be bossed around, they all need to be motivated and helped .Always suggest vs profess.

Tweets that work:

  1. Ones that say what everyone has been thinking
  2. Ones that answer a burning question
  3. Ones with good hooks and even better content

Hooks are re packaged marketing…HOW?

  1. Listen to and research your audience
  2. Identify the value you can bring them
  3. Create content around that value block
  4. Learn algos & platform momentum
  5. Stay consistent and patient

Quick things that create good engagement as hooks

  1. How I got X in 24 hours
  2. Nobody is talking about X (insert your niche)
  3. This is why your Y isn’t working

All this works when you read...

Reading is the ultimate meta-skill and can be traded for anything else.

The more you read the better you get with creating hooks.

Here's some excellent stuff to read

→The Copywriter’s Handbook

→The Adweek Copywriting Handbook

→ Scientific advertising

→ Ogilvy on advertising

→ Influence: The psychology of persuasion

Most of what we spoke about today Assumes you have a great product/service.

Know this:


Warning: You better have good content because you don't want to hook people onto rubbish.

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