Episode #24, 23 October 2022

This week, Faizan and Faisal spoke about 5 resources to get inspiration from.

Faisal Spoke about:

  1. Twitter as a search tool (along with using regex)
  2. Reddit (Front page of the Internet)
  3. YouTube as a hidden gem (second largest search engine)
  4. Newsletters (to get TL;DR) on anything
  5. Speaking to people and nurturing relationships to get feedback

Faizan spoke about:

  1. Springwise (Global innovation intelligence platform)
  2. Hackernews
  3. Slashdot (As sources of real time info)
  4. Google trends as a discovery engine
  5. Wikipedia(footnotes + sources)

They also spoke about an interesting platform where teachers can sell lesson plans and other materials to other teachers. Hidden markets & inspiration across niches and how some folks are monetizing this for spectacular side hustles.

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