Episode #3, 29 May 2022

In this episode, Faisal and Faizan spoke about:

  1. Marketing spends during tough times(dont shut them down, re prioritize)
  2. Don't think of them as %age of GMV but instead % of profitability
  3. Sourcing Challenges in Pakistan(viz a vi re-export to feed US Based Businesses)
  4. Local tech scene, Build for profitability
  5. MVPs, how to do them effectively using low-no code
  6. Go fund me and other sites to validate product market fit and find early backers
  7. Building authoritative content around exportable product's/delicacies, kashmiri chai , pink salt.(seed content now, build affiliates later)
  8. Finding deep niches and targeting those for $s(example shared was user journeys for call centers for the banking industry, vs a vanilla user journey agency)
  9. Thinking about a mind-set shift particularly for the youth, aka make do with what you have and monetize things around u

10. We will add more structure to the sessions in the mean-while go &

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