Episode #4, 5 June 2022

In this episode, Faisal and Faizan gave their opinions and ideas on low/no cost business.

Faisal’s Ideas

  1. Screen Help Videos
  2. Medicine cabinets & small monitor lift drawers
  3. Taking your professional specialization/SME & turning it into Deep SEO services
  4. Hand painted mobile covers/craft based accessories for curated sales
  5. Incense 2.0, the re-imagined agar batti

Faizan’s Ideas

  1. Human hair collection & export
  2. Co creating APPs for pre existing businesses u do the mvp they bring the product to be digitized

3.Ratings as a service (Solar/UPS, Employers, Univ/Schools)

4.Home based product sourcing for insta/fb chefs

5.Standardized tandoors

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