Episode #5, 12 June 2022

In this episode, Faizan and Faisal discussed life style changes to getting started in (doing something online/offline/digitally enabled)


2)Identifying Niche Trends

3)Committing Time Blocks

4)Testing Hypothesis

5)Launching Small


They spoke about the power of google search if done right.

https://twitter.com/faizansiddiqi/status/1495630152323284992… (Detailed explainer)

They spoke about looking at global trends at


Niche trends:

Looking at tools to build a decision tree around picking what you are good at, or where to get started.

Committing your time

You cant outsource your thinking and execution to others to get started.

Don't always be seeking advice/action it also

Dedicate 30 mins a day to read to build a better understanding.

Lack of time is not an excuse

Test & Launch:

The proof is in the pudding. No one can predict outcomes don't wait for other peoples opinion or approval go do it your self.

Faisal’s story about re-starting at 40 here.


Other insights.

Cliffs Notes of every thing


Be proud of your passion even its it watching dramas and writing their short summaries and profiting for that content.

Content Curation vs Content Creation

(an article to get started)

Building your own affiliate opportunities by either content curation or creation.

*Example of Urdu tutorial to global SaaS products

*Generational Recipes and their offline to online transition

*Finding any nice and generation/organizing/curating content to build an authoritative

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