Episode #7, 26 June 2022

In this episode, Faisal and Faizan talked about:

  1. Your portfolio beyond linkedin
  2. Verifiable incomes sources like Fiverr as an item to use  for immigration apps
  3. Incrementally building something that creates a drip mechanism for earn outs vs. going from 0 to 100.
  4. Finding niches from subreddits
  5. Spending 15 mins a day till you can spend an hour to learn/curate/distribute
  6. Challenges with sticking to courses/new ideas, do incrementally till you can do all in one go, if not the problem lies not with the course but your approach
  7. 1 in 400 people know how to program, but 400 out of 400 have problems they’re looking to solve, find that problem and build a business upon it.
  8. https://jamesclear.com/atomic-habits (Reading)
  9. Building off-platform lists, if you run a FB group, have them sign up for mailing lists

10. Take your day job or your passion area(they could be the same they could be different), incrementally build content around it, it could turn in to a book/course or mailing list or just some thing you go back to use in an offline job opportunity

11. Know this, life's not easy on the other side, whilst you do a  part time or odd job it may be worth while to have started some thing that pays part of the bills. Ideas that let you build once use many times over (e-books/content/courses/data-pack) items can provide support.

12. Show & tell vs. talk about what you know.

13. Translating location specific skills when you leave that location doesn't mean that if you are geographically away u cant apply those skills to a different set of problems. Skills are transferable, unlearn all else.

14. Take a chance

15. Find social proof of your work and share that, that allows you to extend your networks beyond LinkedIn, because monetization can from from any where, not just there.

16. Create incentives for people to follow you or your work

17) Signup at http://getbetteroutcomes.xyz /mailing list

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