Episode #8, 03 July 2022

In this episode Faizan and Faisal discussed a few key things to getting better outcomes:

  1. Fear(being afraid all the time) how to get past it
  2. Drive, why it matters, why its key
  3. Ideas being dime a dozen
  4. Finding opportunity in adversity
  5. Experimentation to get to the right answer
  6. Affiliates. What are they? Why they are amazing things to get into?
  7. How Faisal became a believer of affiliate incomes
  8. Why you should all try to build secondary income streams by planting content seeds now and harvesting in a year from today
  9. Nothing happens on day 0

10. Listener comments & questions on govt intervention and rules as deterrents to new biz

11. Challenges in hiring female talent

12. Faisal challenging audiences to identify "female tech reviewers from Pakistan" & the missed opportunity

13. We are selling nothing besides a safe space:)

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