Episode #9, 10 July 2022

In this episode, Faizan and Faisal spoke about selling simple things to simple people. Loosely translated to not getting caught up in inventing new things.

Faisal and Faizan had similar but different audience sets for the same topic:) as we started today

  1. We spoke about converting the atta gundnay ka tashla(steel parat) in to an art vector
  2. Coal powered irons
  3. Damascus knives
  4. Selling digital prints on etsy
  5. Missed: a business where people send motivational txts as a subscription service
  6. Kimchi from Karachi
  7. Transcribing pictures as a business for logistics companies doing estimations of products in a room
  8. Picking as biz

10. How much research is good research? 3 Months 9-5

11. Restoring old things/content

12. Antique framed mirrors

13. Using google maps to build a lead gen biz for pools, you could do the same for identifying solar panels in Pakistan and marketing solar cleaning services to them

14. RoohAfza & Eid Mubarak Cookie cutters

15. User comments on failing fast but trying and taking risks

16. Bespoke shoes as a business?

17. Selling big ticket items doesn't mean you compete on price or that you sell some thing that you invent.

18. Get into simple things, boring biz

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